30 before 30 list

I am definitely a list maker at heart. I L-O-V-E making lists.

In fact, I have been SOO looking forward to this point in my life (just ask my husband) in which I can write a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30!!

The lists I make are often unachievable, because there is just so much I want to do, and I am often too optimistic about what I can fit into my life. So, for many of these goals I have listed both a task I KNOW I can accomplish and one I would like to accomplish that fits into the same category.

And… The List! :









1. Start writing a children’s book.

2. Take a cooking class (or watch a couple cooking demonstrations).

3. Learn a new dance (perhaps Argentine Tango).

4. Finish the two quilts I have started.

5. Take pictures of all the outfit combinations I can come up with for my wardrobe.

6. Go on a classic American road trip.

7. Get married and become a mom (even if that means just getting pregnant).

8. Tend my own garden & cook a meal completely using my home-grown produce.

9. Visit an IKEA.

10. Organize all our photos.

11. Take belly dancing lessons (or practice with a DVD regularly for several weeks).

12. Complete a 7-day detox.

13. Start my own business (working 30 hours/wk. teaching piano, Chemistry, and tutoring)!

14. Host 3-5 dinner parties.

15. Play & Sing for a talent show (maybe even record it)!

16. Maintain my weight (and until I get pregnant, start working on losing 10 pounds).

17. Finish the Couch to 5K program (and run a 5K). (again, I already accomplished this once.)

18. Start a ‘frugal club’ or something similar.

19. Grow out my hair (to half way down my back).

20. Memorize 3 chapters of Colossians (or memorize the whole book).

21. Blog regularly for another year (and attend a blog conference)!

22. Add wainscoting to the spare room (in preparation for #7 baby room).

23. Complete the 30 Day Shred in 30 days!

24. Go on a cruise.

25. Work on my drawing/sketching skills so I can draw recognizable animals.

26. Create a YouTube channel.

27. Read and discuss 4 books with my husband.

28. Teach a high school class (even though I’m an elementary education major).

29. Publish an e-book.

30. Do 30 acts of kindness during the week of my 30th birthday!


Of course, I had to make a cute printable pdf so I can hang it up!!



Want to make your own list?

I created a pdf document you can print out, keeping the key action words to help you come up with a list of your own. If you want a completely blank document that you can edit, just email me and I will send it to you!



See you tomorrow!! I’m starting the 31 Day series: 31 Days of Building a Cleaning Routine and I will be posting every day my journey and the new DIY cleaning recipes I’m trying out!!

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