Summer Goals in review

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July’s Goals list Update

In January, I shared most of my goals for 2012. Then, I broke those goals down into monthly and weekly goals. This summer has been slower going with some of my goals. Summer is just a crazy time of the year: family in town (numerous times), going out of town, helping out at VBS, working, enjoying a staycation – we have been busy!!

Below I’m going to show you my list for this summer (with the little that I’ve accomplished crossed off). I’m excited for August though – each month and each week is a fresh start!! I love this image:


August Goals:


1. Pray every evening with my husband.

2. Bible Reading in a year – read at least 36 chapters this month.

3. Memorize Colossians in a year – 2 verses a week! (I’m start this in August)


Wife/Marriage Goals

4. Read One of Us Must Be Crazy…. and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You by Tim & Joy Downs. – We are almost halfway through this book.

5. Weekly write a love note to Matt.



6. Start working out regularly again (3 times/week).

7. Lose 5 more pounds. – I’ve lost one pound and have 4 more to go!

8. Plan meals according to how many calories my husband and I want to consume each day (using theVolumetrics diet).


Home Management Goals

9. Hang shelves in basement.

10. Have a garage sale. – It’s happening toady!

11. Compile a list of favorite recipes and calculate the cost for each recipe.

12. Weekly freezer cooking. DIY Yogurt, Healthy Granola, Homemade Waffles

13. Use the sewing machine for at least one project.

14. Clean or organize for at least 15 minutes each day.

15. Check email only 2-3 times a day instead of every time I get a notification. (I’m turning my notifications off on the my phone!!)– This has been a nice step away from technology. I’m posting about another step we took to save money on technology soon!!


Blogging/Business Goals


16. Set up a “recipes” section to my blog. – Check it out here!

17. Create a new header/layout to my blog. – Thanks so my wonderful sister!!

18. Add watermarks to my pictures.

19. Organize my first giveaway. – It was a success!

20. Advertise sponsors.

(I’m linking up to MoneySavingMom’s 10 Weekly Goals)



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