A Pinterest ‘How-to’ (and why I love it!)

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I’ve discovered so many new recipes, like:
- this 3 ingredient ice cream recipe
- easy fruit leather

My fancy new trick on how to mark the perfect placement for the picture frame on the wall came from Pinterest. I have many more tips and tricks I’ve learned through looking at all my friend’s pins, like:
- putting marshmallows in brown sugar to keep the sugar soft
- how to keep berries from growing moldy
- putting newspaper in storage containers to keep it odor-free

Pinterest is a great resource. I cant easily spend a lot of time looking at recipes, ideas, cleaning tips, inspiration, fashion trends, and DIY projects I want to try! Then, instead of bookmarking the site, I can “repin” the picture of what I like (and the link to the original website stays with it). If I’m just browsing the web, I can easily mark  or “pin it” on one of my boards. Pinterest has developed such an easy way to visually organize all this. It’s so easy to do, and also go back to what you’ve “pinned”. When you log in to your home page, you get to see what your friends have “pinned” most recently.

So how do you navigate Pinterest? Glad you asked.

- First of all, you need an invitation to join. No problem – just let me know and I’ll hook you up! (Let me know personally, or leave your email address in the comments. I need that to invite you.)
- Create a board (these are you categories, you could have 4 or 7 or 14) Easy – just hover over the “Add” button at the top of the page and click “Add a Board”. I have 14 boards.
- Follow people. You can follow using your Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter account. Hover over “People” at the top of the page and click on “Find Friends”. You can also explore “Staff Favorites” or “Tastemakers” to find other people to follow. I’ve also found some really awesome blogs by following their boards on Pinterest!
- Explore other’s boards and pin, pin, pin!! It’s as easy as clicking the “repin” and selecting which board you want it to show on. There is even an option to create a new board as you are pinning.
- Install the “Pin It” button on your toolbar. This creates an easy one click way to “pin” something on your board from you normal internet browsing. Follow the above link and it will walk you through it.

Here is my “Want to Make” Board – it’s all recipes I want to try:

Notice my mouse was hovering over the Crock Pot Orange Chicken recipe when I took this screen shot, so you can see the options to “Repin”, “Comment”, or “Edit”(since it’s my pin, I can edit it).

Can’t you see how fun and easy this is? Do you have any additional questions? Leave them in the comments. Do you love Pinterest? Do you use it as much as I do?

I honestly think this is the best bookmarking site – since it’s so visual AND social!! I love how many tips I’m pinning. I love getting new ideas and inspiration. I love seeing what my friends are pinning.

© 2011 – 2013, Betsy Pool. All rights reserved.

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