Day 11: Explosive Showerhead Cleaner

Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Day 11: Explosive Showerhead Cleaner

As I mentioned earlier this week, for the rest of the month I will be mainly trying out cleaning recipes and tips I’ve pinned on my 31 days to building a cleaning routine pinterest board. Today’s pin comes from Frugally Sustainable.


Here is her showerhead cleaner process:


I wanted to try this too!! 

Things you will need:

Before picture

– 1/3 cup baking soda

– 1 cup vinegar

– ziplock bag

– twist tie


As my showerhead is a large Waterpik brand, I knew the same set-up would not work. I tried almost doubling the recipe and put it in a gallon size bag.

I thought this would work….



this was NOT going to work…


So, I began to get creative. First I tried to think of something that would prop the showerhead up. The weight of the bag was just too much. My mop would work, but it was not tall enough, so I had to prop my mop on top of the bathroom trash can!! THEN, gravity was still pulling the bag down, so that the showerhead was not really soaking in the cleaner. Again….creativity….. TA-DA!!



This still worked! I let it soak over night, and the next morning it looked pretty shiny and the hard water deposits were gone!



 So, just to sum up….



Pretty easy and cheap right? See you tomorrow,






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