Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Day 21: Does Wax Paper Work?

Here is another tip I pinned on my 31 Days board:

Wax Paper as Floor Cleaner – Use this kitchen staple to pick up dirt and dust. Rip off a piece roughly the size of your sweeper and attach it just as you would a cleaning cloth. As you sweep highly trafficked or dirty areas, the gunk sticks.


I decided to try it out. I wrapped wax paper around my duster:



 Then swept. It seemed to push the dust around, but not really pick it up. See, the wax paper is clean (sorry for the blurry picture):



So, does the wax paper work? NOPE. Nada. You can even see that the bottom of my duster picked up the dust instead of the wax paper.

Oh, well, now I know. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a floor cleaner recipe to use!

See you then!





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