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Day 24: Gathering Laundry Recipes

I’ve been doing some reading and rereading and gathering laundry recipes. I know what recipes I want to try, I just need to find a day to do it.


Recipe #1

At first, I was going to try this recipe from I can Teach my Child. However it makes a lot!! (which might be most cost efficient, right?) Looks like it works great and doesn’t produce suds in the water – perfect for the new HE washers.


Recipe #2

Don’t like the idea of grating a bar of soap? Our Out-of-Sync Life thought of a brilliant idea!! Using a food processor to grate the soap!! She also shares her powered laundry detergent recipe.


Recipe #3

One Good Thing by Jillee shares three laundry detergent recipes (two liquid and one powdered). The first liquid recipe makes a ton, but then other makes just 2 gallons. 2 gallons sounds pretty manageable.

Recipe #4

Jillee’s most recent laundry recipe is her No-Grate Homemade Laundry Soap. This sounds like it would be a great recipe – plus smells really good!!


What recipes have you used and found successful?




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