Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine! If you have missed any days, yesterday I summed up what I’ve talked about so far.

Day 8: Minimalist Furniture Polish

I have never really liked to dust, but I LOVED using this cleaner recipe! My wood furniture came out so shiny!! Seeing amazing results just made me want to keep polishing and polishing.



Minimalist Furniture Polish

– 1/4 cup lemon juice (or vinegar)

– 1/2 teaspoon olive oil


I used the lemon juice and the furniture polish smelled fantastic!! Look at the difference:



I also love the simplicity of this recipe. I found that keeping a spoon, or something in the solution to stir it with helped to keep the oil mixed in with the lemon juice.

Then, just dip a soft cloth in the solution and start polishing!!


What do you polish with?


I’ll see you tomorrow!! Don’t forget, I have the Take it on Tuesday blog hop going live at 6am tomorrow morning. Feel free to link up any of your projects.






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2 comments to Day 8: Minimalist Furniture Polish

  • Chris M


    While this will probably give you a nice shine, you should stay away from using oils derived from vegetables for polishing furniture. Vegetable oils, including olive oil, will spoil over time and can actually harm the finish of your wood as the oils break down. You are better off using mineral oil as a furniture polish as it won’t spoil and it is relatively inexpensive, food safe, and should be in your cleaning supplies anyway as it is an excellent polish for stainless steel and for treating other steel utensils such as knives to prevent rust spots. Excellent for using as a lubricant for sharpening knives as well…just my two cents.


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