Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Day 9: Homemade Stain Remover

I’m continuing to add cleaning recipes and tips to my 31 day pinterest board almost daily. Here is a glimpse at the recent pins:



Throughout the rest of this 31 Day series I will be trying out some of the cleaners I’m pinning. That way, I can share my experiences with you and you can select only the best ones to try for yourself!


Since I was doing laundry anyway, I decided to try the homemade stain remover from One Good Thing. I love that the ingredients are items you would have around the house anyway:




– one part Dawn dishwashing liquid

– two parts Hydrogen Peroxide

– sprinkle on baking soda





My armpit stains were not too bad to begin with. Here is the worst of it:


I didn’t see any significant change in the white shirts. I will still be looking for a better recipe – does anyone have suggestions!!

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