My first few weeks...

Hello! Now that I’ve officially announced on Facebook and here that I’m pregnant, I’m going to be talking about it a lot more often. Today I wanted to share some pictures and how I’ve been my first few weeks of pregnancy.


Week 5

Even before we started trying to get pregnant, I had collected several pregnancy books from our local public library sale. So the same night I found out I was pregnant, I pulled out all the books!!


That same week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! It was so nice to celebrate and know I was pregnant!


We also toured the New Birth Company and loved it so much we decided we wanted to have our baby there!! Have you seen their birth suites?


Week 6

This week I was the most nauseated. It was hard to get out of bed and want to eat something. My midwife suggested that I keep some kind of protein at my bedside to chew on BEFORE I even got out of bed. She suggested I chew walnuts until it is a water consistency before swallowing. That way, the protein will help balance my blood sugar level. It worked really well and I felt so much better!!


After talking with the midwife we also found out our (tentative of course) due date: June 14th, 2013!


6 weeks and not looking pregnant yet!


Week 7

I can definitely tell how pregnancy has cause me to NEED more sleep. I used to be an early bird. Now I’m lying in bed till late. I’m so glad my schedule is flexible so that I can sleep in and get more sleep!! I guess it takes a lot of energy to create a new human being! 😉


Week 8

Early on I developed an aversion to smoothies!! Can you believe that? The first time I made the Butternut Squash smoothie I loved it. The second time….it made me so sick! I think I accidently added too many raisins in it and it was so sweet. Now I can’t stand the thought of smoothies, any kind of squash, or the thought of cutting up a pumpkin even! I haven’t even opened up my cans of pumpkin in my pantry – so sad!!


This week I also wrote in my journal that I was obsessed with trying to guess when I would start “showing”; not just when I had a belly, but when it would be obvious I was pregnant. We will have to see!! I’m hoping it will be at 14 weeks, but it might be more like 16-20 range.


Week 9

This week I was still very tired, but other than that I didn’t really FEEL pregnant. My life was pretty busy and normal still. Did you ever wonder if you were really pregnant? It still doesn’t feel real yet, but I’m sure that will come!


I definitely spent the later part to this week counting down the days until my next appointment with the midwife – when I might hear a heartbeat!!


Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”: lentil bean, blueberry, raspberry, grape.



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