Menu Planning Monday - Back to reality & Volumetrics Plan




For the past 10 days, we’ve been on a vacay – more specifically we spent 7 days on a cruise ship!!!!!



We were definitely spoiled rotten, and NOW I have to go back to reality:

– no server to put my napkin on my lap for me

– a LIMITED amount of food that DOES cost money

– meals to plan


– a diet to start

Since we just got back TODAY, I don’t have a menu planned for this week yet. We are probably going to have this bean and pasta soup tonight or tomorrow (I have lots of canned food).




Over my vacation I read through Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan: Feel Full on Fewer Calories by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., and Robert A. Barnett. This book is a little bit older (2000), but gives a lot of valuable information in a concise  manner. The premise of the book is that people eat the same WEIGHT of food everyday, regardless of the number of calories it contains. The goal is to lower the calorie content, but not the food’s weight and you will lose excess pounds without going hungry.

It is a very easy book to read and includes recipes for meals (I will post about my meal plan later this week). I loved the pictures which illustrated food choices so well. For example, raisins and grapes:

As raisins ARE dried grapes, there are the same number of calories in both, but a serving of 100 calories of raisins fill only one-quarter cup, while 100 calories of grapes fill one and two-thirds cups. You’ll feel satisfied after one and two-thirds cups of grapes, but if you’re eating raisins, you’re likely to keep filling your mouth.

My husband and I are both excited to try out this new diet!



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