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This app is AMAZING!!

Within minutes of registering, I was adding my favorite recipes and able to view my grocery list, ingredient list, and the full recipe on my mobile device!


This is a universal recipe box! I already use the internet a lot to search for recipes I love (visiting Eating Well and Cooking Light‘s websites), so this was easy to add!

What made it really easy was their recipe clipper (very similar to Pinterest’s “Pin It” button, if you are familiar with that)!! All you have to do is drag the link to your Bookmarks toolbar and then when you are surfing the internet and find a recipe you want to add to your virtual recipe box, just click the “ZipList Recipe Clipper” button. See the button on this screenshot? Right next to my “Pin It”. :)


After I clicked “ZipList Recipe Clipper”, this is the screen that pops up:


 When I tried to use Eating Well’s website, I got this screen, but I was able to easily cut and paste the ingredients:



Here is the list of sites that the ZipList Recipe Clipper works on (without cutting and pasting):


You can also search for recipes at ZipList, add your own recipes, or connect one or more of your social networks to  ZipList.



You can manage your lists on both your mobile device or computer (they are synced). It’s quicker to manage on your computer, of course.

The list is very intuitive. You can quickly add ingredients for your favorite recipe (that you have already added to your recipe box). When you click the “Add to List” button, it separates the ingredients into two categories, “Items We Think You May Need” and “Items We Think You Have.” You can easily check or uncheck boxes for each ingredient and then push “OK.”

Feature I LOVE: You can mark priority items!

Much More!

You can add stores so that when you create your shopping list, you can specify where you are buying those items. I found even my local grocery store on the list!!

You can create checklists of your own or search for checklists on Martha Stewart, WholeLiving, etc.

You can share your grocery lists with ZipList users or non-ZipList users.

Ziplist will even show you coupons (from Smart Source) for items that are on your list!


I’m loving it so far!!

Have any of you ever used ZipList?

Do you have another app you love?

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2 comments to ZipList – Free Grocery List/Menu Planning App

  • This is quite possibly the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a while. That might make me a very silly person, but it’s true! I’ve been looking for something just like this to help my husband and I keep track of grocery shopping and meal planning. And I can’t believe it’s free!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Heather Tovey recently posted..Friday Links: Pinterest IdeasMy Profile

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