Day 1: Schedule time!

Once again, I’m taking on the challenge by The Nester to blog for 31 Days on one topic. Last year I blogged about 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things.

This year it’s 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine. I REALLY need a cleaning routine. I started working on building one for the month of September so I can start sharing my experiences for October.


I will be taking you through my process of:

– how I came up with a routine & what it is

– how I made it work by streamlining by cleaning routine

– how I stuck with it

greening my home cleaners

– narrowing down what cleaners to use and recipes for homemade cleaners I’ve used


Day 1 task: Write out a Schedule

Some of you may know your schedule pretty well, some of you may not. I found it very helpful not only to write out my schedule, but, yes, I’m excessive and made a table of what my schedule is like weekly:


I try to have a similar routine each morning.  If you can read the small labels on the bottom:

Purple – Personal

Pink – Homemaking

Light green – Ministry

Green – Time with my husband

Yellow – Blog

Everything white is open for others things I want to schedule it or need to accomplish.


The goal

Whatever way you accomplish it, figure out what margin time you have and when it is. Then you can start building your cleaning schedule. If you feel like you don’t have any margin time, try this exercise.


Step 1: Roughly block out how much time you spend doing each of your main activities.

Step 2: Evaluate if you want to rearrange your schedule based on your priorities. (You may have to ‘steal’ time from another activity or drop an activity.)

Step 3: Keep 2 hours of margin time per day free, if you can.


If you were only able to accomplish step 1 & 2 but not 3, that’s okay. Over the next few days I will show you how I streamlined my cleaning routine. Then you can have more time for the other things that matter.



Day 2 task: Create a Cleaning List

On Tuesday I will talk about a cleaning list I came up with and how I matched my cleaning tasks with my daily activities. If you have time, get a head start by writing down everything you want to and need to clean daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and periodically.


See you Tuesday!




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