5 ways to decorate/organize on a budget

As a new mom, I’m always seeking frugal ways to make my house more of a home. I focus on using items you already own to organize or spruce up a living space.

1. Look around you.

There are many items you already own that you can use in different ways to organize or decorate your home. Have an extra garden hose to make a wreath? Want something creative to do with bottle caps? Wine corks? 

2. Check out thrift stores/dollar stores.

Thrift stores or Dollar stores usually have a lot of items that, with a little bit of sprucing up can be just perfect for that little empty space in your home you’ve been wanting to fill! Use an old tie rack, shower curtain hooks, or antique frame to organize your jewelry!

3. Get inspired.

I LOVE viewing other blogs, or browsing through Pinterest pictures as inspiration!! You can check out my Pinterest page, or view my specific boards on this topic: Upcycled, DIY, For the HomeRepurposing Wine Bottles, Organize, and Tips and Tricks.

4. Work with a friend (or two).

Have a day where you get together with a friend and each of you bring your extra supplies and unused items you’ve found around the house. Brainstorm (and look for inspiration – step 3) and work with each other!! So much fun! (I’ll be posting about a craft day I had with a friend sometime soon).

5. Repurpose.

All of us have leftover toilet paper roll tubes. There are so many cute things you can do with them!! Check this post and this post. Want some unique gift ideas from things you have at your house? Finally, here are some simple solutions from everyday objects. 

Interested in more? I have a 31 day series: 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things. This resource is just the tip of the iceberg…

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