Project Declutter: Magazines


Day 21: Magazines

Today I decided to go through all my magazines. I needed to menu plan anyway, so I quickly looked through the magazines and put the recipes I wanted to try in my app: paprika (which stores recipes, generates grocery lists, and holds my menu plan). I LOVE having paperless recipes!! Less paper = less clutter!

Magazines & catalogs can be a huge clutter bug in the home. Since I’m going paperless with recipes, it seemed to make sense to just give the magazines to someone else. Anyway, I had done a huge purge of magazines before my son was born, but still they have stacked up again. I had a huge basket full, and then another makeshift magazine holder full. This is the pile I sorted through and got rid of:


I’m going to keep by the rule: when I get a new monthly

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Project Declutter: Living Room


Day 20: Living Room

The living room didn’t really have that much extra stuff. I knew it would be pretty easy, because we have gradually baby-proofed it over the last few months (i.e. – taking more and more stuff out of the room).

Here is what it looked like before:


And another view:


I decided to get rid of the walker in the living room (Ain is no longer using it) and I moved the jogging stroller into the basement – weather is getting too cold. I also went through all my piano books – I have some to give to my sister. Finally, I took out the basket that was in the side table. It doesn’t really work in that place anymore. So, this is what is look like now:


If you have more

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Project Declutter: Bathroom Make-up/Hall Closet


Day 19: Bathroom Make-up and Hall Closet

After Day 1 of organizing the bathroom, I knew I would spend the second day organizing my make-up. Here’s what I have:


I had three cute bags, so I split all my make-up into three different categories: eye, face, and lip. I put the extra make-up in the bags and fit it all in a bin. What I didn’t love, I didn’t keep.


The make-up I use regularly, I keep over the sink:


and in this wonderful-smelling glass vase:


Hall Closet

I also set the timer and tackled the hall closet. This is the before picture:


And the after picture:


The basket contains our travel bags and travel size toiletries. I got rid

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Project Declutter: Bathroom Cabinet


Day 18: Bathroom Cabinet and Sink

The bathroom is pretty cluttered right now. There are some things in the cabinet below the sink that have been there awhile and we don’t use. Here is what the before looked like:


It was really easy to declutter a bunch of stuff – yay!! Also, I got rid of the drawer inserts and decided to use bins to contain our extra teeth and eye supplies:


The basket above contains our medicine and the shoe box has the “first aid” supplies. Nope, we don’t have a fancy first aid bag or box – we’ll have to get one sometime.

The sink I jut quickly tidied (I was running out of time to do too much more). It went from this:


To this:


Much better,

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Project Declutter: Cabinets and Surfaces


Day 17: Kitchen Cabinets and Surfaces

Yay!! I’m so excited to show you my decluttered, organized kitchen!!

First off, I went through a couple of more cabinets, decluttering and organizing. Here is the corner cabinet:


It’s got my nice dishes which we use infrequently, serving tray, wine glasses, and then plastic cups (which we also use infrequently right now), Ain’s cups and plates. The drawer underneath it had place mats and cloth napkins, which we RARELY use so I decided to relocate them to the basement. It’s empty for now, until I decide what I need to put in it.

I also tidied up the main cabinet next to our fridge. Matt and I have talk to many time about getting rid of some of our mugs, but we can just never seem to do it! So, yes, three of the shelves are mugs:

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Project Declutter: Kitchen Cabinets


Day 16: Kitchen Cabinets

My toddler loves to play in my kitchen cabinets:


So they end up like this:


I thought this cabinet would be a good place to start decluttering, since it was already messy. As it turned out, I do use most of these pots and pans regularly. I did find space to add in my paper organizer. I’m not sure I like it better there than the counter space, but we’ll try it out for a few days.


I then moved on to the silverware drawer and made it look like this:


I also took out my cookbooks that were taking space in the kitchen cabinet (I’m keeping them downstairs, since my kitchen is small). I want to make more space on my counters, so I put

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Project Declutter: Pantry


Day 15: Kitchen Pantry

I’m starting with the part of the kitchen that gets disorganized the fastest – the pantry. Check out my before pictures:


Yikes!! That top section is always the worst. Here is the bottom part:


I got rid of food that was expired and canned items that I don’t think we are going to eat (since it’s been in the pantry awhile). I’ll donate the few canned items I took out of the pantry. It was pretty fun to consolidate and categorize the food again.

For the top section, I decided I could make best use of my space if I put the popcorn maker on TOP of the pantry and put all the paper items in the basket on the top shelf. Everything is just organized so much better!!


The bottom

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Project Declutter: Bookcases


Day 14: Bookcases

Today my goal was to just get rid of as many books as possible. We have 4 long bookcases and 1 half bookcase. That’s a LOT of books!! The first bookcase I had gone through in May, but I still found some books I wanted to get rid of. I was strict and asked these questions of every book I went through:

Will I read this again? Is this a classic I want my kids to read someday? Will I ever loan this book out to someone else to read? (Which is something I rarely do – but this is a way of determining if it is a good resource book to keep, even if I don’t read again.)

I was very happy will the results of the first bookcase I went through. I went through the top three shelves. The bottom two shelves (one shelf not

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Project Declutter: Office Paper System


Day 13: Office Paper System

Paper, papers, papers. We have too many papers in our lives!! Today I finally filed the rest of the papers that were piling up on my desk:


And now it looks so much better!! The top is a lot less cluttered. Also, I have a pretty box to put in all the papers I need to file!!



Best part of all – the floor is completely clear of clutter – so I can stretch my legs out!!


In the kitchen I have this hanging folder bin. Even though I try to keep very few papers (I menu plan and look up recipes on the web most of the time), I do have some papers in this bin. Eventually, I want to have even less. But for now, this bin

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Why I'm doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like

baby-led weaning

Baby-led feeding is the practice of giving your baby soft, palatable whole foods and letting her feed herself her first ‘bites’, while continuing to breastfeed. The theory is that babies will experiment and discover food at their own pace, as well as develop new abilities including chewing and keen hand-eye coordination.

Most babies start their journey with solid food by being spoon-fed their first mouthfuls of pureed food on a date determined by their parents. Some babies are considered a “good eater”, for others it is a struggle to keep the food in their mouth. Often families settle for separate mealtimes and different foods for adults and children.

What happens if you don’t do this? What if you let them learn about handling food at their own pace?

You may ask “What if he is not getting enough nutrition?” The reason baby-led weaning works so

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