Project Declutter: Front of house


Day 12: Front of house and donating

We are almost halfway through this challenge!! Wahoo! And my house is looking better, but there is still MUCH to be done. Today, since I had company coming, I wanted to make the front of the house a little more presentable. It was REALLY BAD!! I have done nothing all summer long – not even water my plants! Check it out:


The rose bushes were just out of control!!


It didn’t take too long to clip everything down. I even did it without gloves – very carefully!! Here is how nice it looked afterward. Better, right? I know it’s not pretty, but winter is coming, so no use in putting down mulch, etc.


I also took the opportunity to take a load to Salvation Army – it’s good

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Project Declutter: Office desk


Day 11: Office desk

It’s SO hard to keep my desk clear and clutter-free. I’m such a piler and my desk is one of the places I pile the most. Here is what it has looked like lately:


And the floor is really bad too. The piles on the floor have recently come from other rooms after decluttering.


I had just a short amount of time today (Ain’s naps have been shorter this week), so I set my timer for 30 minutes and set to work. I basically did a bunch of filing. You can see the floor, some desk space, and even the top of the desk is not over run with papers!!


It definitely needs more time another day to organize everything a bit better. AND I didn’t go through every part

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Project Declutter: Nursery Expedit


Day 10: Nursery Expedit

So happy to be done with the nursery!! It is my favorite room in the house – I love all the colors and when it is picked up, it is so peaceful!! So, let’s show you the progress I made today. Here is the before of the expedit and all of Ain’s toys:


Since the closet was already done, I was just focusing on everything in the Expedit. I got rid of the random baskets on top. I will LOVE to re-purpose them somewhere else in the house! Since I had the space, I wanted to make it pretty as well as functional. Here is how it turned out:


I’m thankful I had places to put everything, since I recently bought the Drona boxes from IKEA. I just had to decide how to categorize everything. In

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Project Declutter: Nursery Closet


Day 9: Nursery Closet

While I’m still brainstorming how I’m going to organize my Expedit, I decided to tackle the nursery closet today. Here was the messy before:


It was actually somewhat organized, but I was not really taking full advantage of the space. I had recently gotten the white 3-drawer container at a garage sale and hadn’t put it to use yet. First, I consolidated all my gift bags (I have a lot I’m keeping). I had a tall basket I wasn’t using, but I put the bags inside the basket. And then remember all the bags of clothes I recently got from a friend?


I was able to put the bigger size clothes in the white 3-drawer bin!! And ta-da – organized closet space!!


I even have some room to spare!! The

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Project Declutter: Nursery Organization


Day 8: Nursery Organization

This is the messiest room in the house!! It desperately needs organizing AND decluttering. Especially since recently a friend of mine gave me even more boy clothes – yay!! Now, just to fit it in the space. The blue bins I just recently got from IKEA. They are all empty right now, I just need to brainstorm what I want to put in each and how to organize everything. Any ideas?


Today, I decided I needed to start with his clothes, since many of the clothes we have out are getting too short for him. Plus – it’s disorganized. Look at it!


I have a huge box full of clothes he has outgrown – something else to go into storage in the basement. I decided to organize the clothes he is wearing by putting his onesies

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Project Declutter: Coat Closet


Day 7: Entryway Coat and Shoe Closet

This closet has become pretty disorganized and stuffed. Since, I have organized it before, I didn’t think it would take too long to reorganize (especially with decluttering in mind). Here are some before pictures:













On the top shelf of this closet we’ve been storing wine tasting supplies, but since we’ve put that business on pause, I’m moving the stuff to the basement. That helped me clear off the top shelf some!! In the box on the left we’ve got our winter gloves and hats. The basket is all of our bike accessories and helmets. And on the very right is our helmets for the moped.


The coats I quickly looked through and organized. I have 5 coats. I’m

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Project Declutter: Basement shelves


Day 6 of Decluttering

Welcome back! Today I tackled the shelving by the basement door. This was piled high with miscellaneous items which needed better organization. I also wanted to create some open space so that I could add to it as I decluttered the rest of the house and wanted to move something less used into the basement. Here is want it looked like before I got started:


1) Set the timer. Go!

I throw some things away, broke down empty boxes, and consolidated space. It really didn’t take me long. (I couldn’t go through my husband’s black bins without him.)

2) Write it down

In the cabinets I’ve been storing some Christmas and kitchen stuff. I decided that I would wait until after this Christmas season – if I didn’t use the Christmas tins for cookies or gifts, then I would get rid

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Project Declutter: Day 2 of Basement


Day 5 of Decluttering: Second day of basement

The basement was a MESS!! I don’t want to get overwhelmed and sometimes I don’t have that much time to work on decluttering, so I’m taking 4-5 days to go through the basement.

Set the timer. Go!

I just set my timer for 30 minutes and go through as much as I can. Of course, I have a bag out for trash, and several boxes labeled: to give or sell, to put away, and to upcycle (i.e. DIY/craft supplies).

Here is the before. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff:


I threw some stuff away, put empty boxes together (we tend to keep a lot of empty boxes), and went through all my decor/craft supplies. I didn’t get rid of much (because I had gone through my craft supplies 5 months ago), but it was good

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Project Declutter: Starting off the basement


Day 4: Starting off the basement

The basement was a MESS!! I’m thinking it’s going to take 4-5 days to go through the basement. First I just had to clear out the extra stuff to I can get to what we have stored there. I set the timer for 30 minutes and cleared out some clutter and trash.

Here is a picture of the before:


Yikes!! When I was done – it looked like this. Not perfect, but I could see a lot more floor space. We have some boxes to go through (some of it is my husband’s and I don’t know if there is much to get rid of).



The boxes in the very front are just empty boxes we like to keep on hand. This was just day 1 in the basement decluttering. We’ll see what

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Project Declutter: Day 3 of Master Bedroom


Hello!! If you are just joining us now, check out my first post, describing the plan of action and what I’m tackling. I did finish going through all the master bedroom today (minus my husband’s clothes)!! It feels so good to have a cleaned up and decluttered room!

Today I went through: My purses. I only got rid of 1 purse, so now I’m down to having 5 to rotate through, depending on the season. I happy with that number, since they don’t take up too much space and they are all in pretty good condition. Bookcase. We have a lot of books. So many, that we have to have a bookcase in our bedroom. I would rather the bedroom be less cluttered (and the bookcase just seems to take up so much looming space), but for now we don’t have a place for it elsewhere. I did get rid of 4

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