Blogiversary Giveaway #5: Simplified Dinners ebook

Have you been enjoying the week of giveaways? I have!!

If you missed it, check out the giveaways that have already been posted. It’s not too late to enter!

Sunday: FREE MyMemories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software (and anyone can use promo code to get $20 off)

Monday: FREE Your Grocery Budget Toolbox ebook(and anyone can use promo code for 20% of ebook)

Tuesday: 2 FREE Mason Jar Tumblers

Wednesday: FREE Duct Tape Clutch!

Today: Simplified Dinners ebook

Friday: Air Wick

Saturday: Lia Sophia



Simplified Dinners ebook

I’m so excited to off this book for FREE! Mystie, from Simplified Pantry, gave me the chance to review this book and offer a giveaway.

First of all, I just want to say that I love Mystie’s approach to dinner – keeping things simple. She’s a mother to 4 and has the 5th one on the way. Even though I’m not a mom yet, I can appreciate the need for keeping things simple:

1) It’s very frugal!!

With her recipes you only need to have a minimalistic pantry. (She includes pages and pages of recipes.)

2) More efficient

With a plan and these recipes in mind, you can go through the store much quicker. (Do you skip aisle when you shop? Just go to the necessary aisle so you can skip unnecessary spending.)

3) Versatile recipes

You can focus on buying what is on sale since these recipes are versatile and don’t rely on specific ingredients.

I love her approach to cooking with recipes. She uses unspecific (dash, splash) rather than specific measurements so that cooking is more efficient, less utensils get dirty, and it allows for more creativity.



Mystie gives 27 different ‘basic’ recipes, with at least 6 variations on each page!! It’s a great resource of information!

For example, Pasta dishes are on page 13. She gives you a process for cooking the dishes and 6 variations to try. I’m interested in trying her Quick & Easy Stroganoff, or the Asian Penne.

On the next page, she has 6 different ways to make beans a main dish! I’ve been cooking my own beans, but I haven’t used them as a main dish yet. I’m inspired to though.

Her book is excellent!


I have visited Mystie’s other blog, and I’m very interested in exploring more. At Simply Convivial, she focuses on homemaking, homeschooling, organizing, and mothering.


Giveaway Time!!

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