Green Thickies: Peaches N' Cream

So I came across Katherine’s website the other day and since then I’ve been obsessed with reading it and wanting to try out these filling smoothies!! I’m thinking about taking on her 7 day smoothie challenge. Doesn’t that just sound so fun?

I’ve always loved smoothies and fresh fruit. What’s different about these thickies is that is also adds in oats (which I have already done in my smoothies), greens, and seeds or nuts. This gives it the balanced nutrition of a meal and much more filling.

Yesterday, before I had a chance to go to the store I wanted to try one of these thickies. Check out all her recipes here.


Peaches N’ Cream

Katherine claims this is a great thickie to replace your morning coffee with! I had all the ingredients on hand (except spinach unfortunately), so this was the one I tried first. I would encourage you to read about all the great benefits of drinking this thickie here.

Ingredients (Makes two servings)

– 1 Cup of Water (Replace half of this with ice for a cooler smoothie)
– 1 Cup of Coconut Meat (You can use half a cup of coconut milk or dried shredded coconut)
– 2 Peaches chopped (My peaches were frozen)
– 2 Apples chopped
– 1 Cup of tightly packed Spinach (or other mild greens)
– 1 cup of Oats and
– 1/2 to 1 cup of extra water.


Add the ingredients to your blender in the order listed.

Pulse once to mix the ingredients, then blend!


It was so good!!





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