Menu Planning Monday: Week of 8/6/12 & Weekly Goals

Last week I spent time planning meals for the whole month. I decided to look over the past year of menu planning and picked out favorite meals of ours. Now, over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to calculate the costs for these meals I’ve chosen.


Wish me luck! It takes a lot of work, but I’m coming along.


Last Thursday I showed you how I make the Tomato Basil Pasta Salad. I figured the cost for that meal = $2.19 (because we used tomatoes and basil from the garden). For us, the meal only serves my husband and I, then leftovers for one person.


Then, I also calculated the cost of my Baked Potato Soup. Here’s the breakdown:




Menu Plan


Lunch: Bean & Cheese Freezer Burritos

Dinner: Crockpot Orange Chicken


Bean & Cheese Freezer Burritos



Lunch: Vegetable Quesadillas

Dinner on Tuesday: Pasta Salad

Dinner on Wednesday: leftovers



Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Braised Chicken Gumbo



Lunch: Bean & Cheese Freezer Burritos

Dinner: leftover Gumbo



Lunch: Minestrone Soup

Dinner: Chili Con Carne (recipe coming soon)



Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Jagersnitzel


Don’t forget to check out my recipes tab for more meal ideas!

What are you cooking this week? We’d love to hear about it!

For more recipe ideas,visit my other Menu Planning Monday posts or Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Blog Hop!


10 Weekly Goals

In January, I shared most of my goals for 2012. Then, I also broke those goals down into monthly goals. Here’s the 10 I’m going to focus on for this week:



1. Pray every evening with my husband.

2. Memorize the first 4 verses of Colossians 1.


Wife/Marriage Goals

3. Read & discuss one chapter of One of Us Must Be Crazy…. and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You by Tim & Joy Downs.

4. Write a love note to Matt.



5. Workout at least 3 times this week.

6. Only have dessert 3 times this week.


Home Management Goals

7. Calculate the cost for 5 recipes/update recipe tab.

8. Weekly freezer cooking – Healthy Granola (recipe coming), Crockpot beans

9. Use the sewing machine for at least one project.


Blogging/Business Goals

10. Update payment records

(I’m linking up to MoneySavingMom’s 10 Weekly Goals)




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