Join Swagbucks (100 points) and Earn FREE Amazon gift cards!

I joined SwagBucks in February and have been reaping the benefits ever since!! SwagBucks allows you to use their search engine and earn SwagBucks (which I use to buy $5 Amazon gift cards) all at the same time! I recently bought my husband’s birthday gifts using the gift cards I had earned, then I’m saving the rest for Christmas. So far I’ve earned $65 in gift cards since February (in recent months I’ve slacked off a bit)!!

Just by spending a few minutes every day and doing your normal web searching through SwagBucks, you could earn at least $5 each month!!

Right now through 10/3, new members to Swagbucks can start off with 100 new points…just for signing up! Just head on over here to fill out the form AND enter the code BIGTIMEBUCKS during sign up. And whenever you add a profile picture, you’ll earn 15 Swagbucks! Plus, for liking them on Facebook, you’ll earn 5 more Swagbucks!

To reap the benefits of SwagBucks, all you really have to do is download the toolbar onto your computer and any searches you do, you will be doing through SwagBucks. On average, I need to search only 3-12 times before I earn a reward of about 8-15 SwagBucks. Every Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day and your searches can win anywhere from 5-500 SwagBucks. It only takes 450 SwagBucks to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!

Go here to see my post on my almost daily Swagbucks routine.



Download a free Gooseberry Patch Pumpkin Cookbook.

Please note that the price is currently $0.00, but that could change at any time. Be sure to check the price before checking out to verify that it is still free.

This ebook is specifically for Kindles, but you can go here to download a free application which enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC.


Download a free ebook with 27 After School Snack Recipes.

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