31 Days: Jewelry Organizing

I LOVE jewelry!! I’d hosted several jewelry parties and continue to collect jewelry, especially long necklaces. Several months ago I began to realize I wasn’t wearing my jewelry as much and if I was, then I was only wearing one or two pieces over and over.

It was because my jewelry wasn’t effectively displayed and easy for me to grab and go.

So I went searching for something to hang my long necklaces on. I found this tie rack at Bed, Bath, and Beyond – and voila!!


Pretty organization


This is hanging right next to my dresser in my bedroom. Easy and accessible.

If I already didn’t have this system in place, I would definitely try this next idea – using shower curtain s hooks!!



I could see this working well if you get ready in the bathroom and have an extra towel rack on hand. Really easy!!


If you have only a few pieces of jewelry, turn them into art:


Couple more ways to hang jewelry:

– stacked cutlery trays
– a vintage-looking cheese grater?
– an old rake


Check out my other 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things posts!! Write on my facebook page about what everyday things you are putting to good use!!

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