Take it on Tuesday Blog Hop: DIY Home Management Binder

Happy Tuesday everyone! As you may remember, each week I select one or two to feature, but I’m also pinning many more here. My favorite project last week was: NZ Ecochick’s Garden Spoon Labels!



DIY Home Management Binder /Planner

Update: There are 3 new printables at the bottom of this post!!!

New Update: Check out my Daily Goals list Printable!

I spent a lot of time looking through all the ideas for printable planners, home binders, lists, and daily to do sheets I could find. I did go back and forth about whether I wanted a planner that fit into my purse or not (last year my planner did). I finally decided to make my own planner using a 3-ring binder and several printables I found. Here are some of my favorite printables:

Week at a Glance from Mommy Tracked (I LOVE the color and the scalloped edges!!):



Daily Planner Printables from Desiring Virtue – I LOVE these daily pages! Each day of the week has a different main task: Mon. – Laundry, Tues. –  Kitchen, Wed. – Office, Thurs. – Town, Fri. – Cleaning, Sat. – Outdoors, Sun. – Lord’s Day/day of rest. What is great is now they have blank daily sheets!! 



Daily Docket from Simple Mom – this one I actually scanned in and spent HOURS editing and changing sections to be able to print it on a smaller sheet. Then, I decided to save it for another year and use the above daily planner.


Perpetual Birthday Calendar from The Project Girl

 Money Saving Mom also has lots more printables to choose from!

The one I’m definitely adding to my home management binder is her 2-hour House Cleaning Checklist.

 I’m also a big fan of FlyLady and her beginner baby steps towards keeping an orderly, clean home. In the process of going through her fly lessons, I put together my own control journal resource sheetwhich lists my morning routine, bedtime routine, and the cleaning zones I’ve mapped out in my home:



I’m still in the process of putting my Home Management Binder together, but these are the sheets I’m including:

Year at a Glance

B-day Calendar

Yearly Goals (still working through this)

Monthly Goals (still working through this)

Blogging Goals/resources

Monthly page

Week at a Glance

Fly Lady Reference Sheet

Daily Planner Printables


NEW Printables from Imperfect Homemaking

(To print or download, click on pictures, which will take you to Imperfect Homemaking)



Menu Planner & Grocery List



If you are a blogger, I absolutely LOVE this next printable!!



I plan on laminating the daily planner sheetsand writing on them with dry erase markers so I don’t have to print as many copies.

Have you been working on creating your own Home Management Binder or Planner? What projects have you been working on lately?

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Thank you all! I LOVE seeing what you’ve been up to!

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