Take it on Tuesday: Relax, Go for a Walk (barefoot?)

With the holidays coming up, and Thanksgiving happening this week, things can get pretty busy!! In fact, I took Wednesday off so that I would have a day to relax and catch up, but I can already see (as I’m adding to my list of things “to do”) that it’s not going to be a relaxing day. Not that I’m worried that it’s going to be too stressful either.


Anyway, with my list of things “to-do” tomorrow, I looked at today and thought – would I rather be busy, or do I want to go out and enjoy the 65+ degree weather? I’ll let you guess what I chose.



It was soooo beautiful out – I enjoyed a 50 minute walk!! I’ve been meaning to get back into exercising, but ALWAYS come up with excuses. Today, I decided to seize the day! Now, I’m already making plans to walk again tomorrow (and I KNEW this would happen, but sometimes it’s just so hard to get started on something). Of course, the weather is going to be this good (high in the 70s!) only tomorrow and Thanksgiving Day, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can!!


I figure, if I can take a 30 minute walk the next two mornings, I will be more productive and be able to enjoy the business of the Thanksgiving holiday even more!





P.S. – Have you heard of grounding or earthing? One of my friends was talking about it lately and I did some googling on it. I find it very interesting, especially since has been medical research done to back it up. I didn’t walk barefoot any today, but I may tomorrow…



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