Best of 2012: Top 10 Posts of the Year

As a blogger it is such a fun thing to look back on the year and see what posts were most popular with your readers. I’m always surprised at some that make it to the top 10 posts of the year.

Thanks to all of you who have visited, pinned, shared and commented on my blog this year. I really appreciate you all and look forward to getting to know you all even better in 2013!


top 10 post


10. Day 2: Cleaning List, from my 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine series.

I really enjoyed writing this series and implementing the cleaning routines in my home. During this month (October), I tested out all sorts of DIY cleaners – some good, and some not.


cleaning daily & weekly tasks


9. Hall Closet Organization

This seems an ordinary post to me. I just showed how I took baskets and containers I already had on hand to reorganize the hall closet. I show you the categories I’ve divided my hall closet into. I also show you my handy dandy red “pamper basket” that I can grab out of the closet whenever I feel the need.


fourth shelf


8. Volumetrics Diet & 10 Goals

The idea behind Volumetrics is feeling fuller on fewer calories. Since people like to eat the same WEIGHT of food everyday (regardless of the calories count), the goal is to lower the calorie content, but not the food’s weight and you will lose excess pounds without going hungry. I also show you an example of our menu for that week!




7. Daily Goals List Printable

At the beginning of this year I spent time collecting printables and putting together my Home Management Binder. After a few months I found I wasn’t using any of the daily dockets I had found. I wanted something I can combine my goals for the week and my schedule for the week in one, streamlined page. This is what I came up with!! If you go to this post, you can download a blank copy for yourself!



6. Duct Tape Purses

This post has over 1,000 hits thanks to Pinterest. :) I love that these are frugal and fun to make!



5. Craft Closet Organization

With the addition of a half bookcase in our closet, I was able to organize all my craft supplies much more efficiently. No more wasted space in the closet!! Once again, I was using storage containers I already had on hand:



4. DIY Car Mount for your Cell Phone

This was a post my husband put together for me one Tuesday. He had recently found a great solution for mounting his cell phone to play music in the car, or for gps. Very useful and so cheap to make!!



3. Kitchen Remodel & Organization

Back in March we got new flooring and cabinets in our kitchen. It was so exciting!! It brightened the kitchen so much. The new cabinets had much deeper drawers, so I could just put everything back in a similar place – I took the time to reorganize!



2. DIY Home Management Binder

I spent a lot of time looking through all the ideas for printable planners, home binders, lists, and daily to do sheets I could find. I explored the different options of creating a binder and finally decided to make my own planner using a 3-ring binder and several printables I found. This post lists LOTS of printables and has over 7,000 views!



1. 52 Reasons I Love You Cards

I created a template from scratch and used that on a deck of cards to write out 52 reasons I love my husband. In this post I give you my template and show you how to make it. It’s definitely worth the time – my husband has loved this gift so much!! This post has over 8,000 views!



I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store (especially with a baby to come mid-June)! I hope 2012 was all that you hoped it would be and that 2013 will bring you new (good) challenges and joy!

Do you have any big projects you plan to tackle in 2012?

What were some of your favorite projects this past year? Link up!!





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