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Remember in October when I decluttered my whole house and posted about it every day for that month?

I didn’t know it at the time I started, but at the end of the month we got the call that a 3-bedroom townhome was open in the co-op we are a part of of!! This was exciting news, especially since we had been on the waiting list for a year plus, and we are expecting baby #2 in late March! Our plan had been to just “make the space work” with 2 kids. Not impossible at all, but I’m SO glad to moving into a bigger space!!

And the timing was pretty perfect – late Dec./early Jan. is when we are moving!! 

So, the purpose of this post is just to let you all know that I may not be posting very much for a little while. We

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Pregnancy #2: Week 27

IMG_20141216_165052 - Edited

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been craving sweet things lately, especially with all the Christmas cookies, etc. being pinned on Pinterest!! And, I’ve given in to the cravings and have been making sweet things a LOT. (Don’t worry, I’ve given some of it away, but we still have too much in our house.) My latest favorite was the Cranberry Christmas cake – it’s so good and not too sweet. I love the tangy-ness of the cranberries with the sweet cake!! It’s moist and amazing – check it out!!


Well, on to the pregnancy update:

Week 27

How I feel/slept – Getting pretty tired most days now. I’m definitely in my 3rd trimester now!! The past three nights in a row I’ve woken up at 3:30am and have not been able to fall asleep again for a couple of hours. When I finally

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What You Will Need the First Couple of Months of Motherhood

2013-07-09 23.15.39

**This post does contain Amazon affiliate links. I will get a very small percentage if you click to Amazon and buy something. Thanks for helping this mom stay at home with her babies!I want to make this as comprehensive a list as possible, without being overwhelming…

Necessities Place for baby to sleep (Crib, Bassinet, Co-Sleeper or Sleeper Area for your bed) – We chose to buy a Pack ‘n Play (we got the Elite, but I’d recommend the Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat one!) that has an infant bassinet so we could have it right by our bed. Once he outgrew the bassinet, we just put him in the pack ‘n play part. We also got one that has a changing table and organizer attached to it. This made it easy for us in the first few weeks when I didn’t want to go up and down the

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Menu Plan Monday: Holiday Meals


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared our menu or the recipes we’ve been enjoying. I’m going to try to share our menu plan about once a month. Here is what we’ve been enjoying lately:

Menu Plan

During Thanksgiving Week, we enjoyed:

Baked Chicken Pasta (I doubled the recipe and froze half of it)

Southwest Chicken Crock Pot Soup

Chicken Potpie Bowls

Pizza Salad

For the Thanksgiving meals I cooked:

Pioneer Woman’s creamy mashed potatoes

Maple Ginger Roasted Vegetables with Pecans (on the right)

low sugar cranberry sauce

skinny pumpkin pie

Meals this week:

Monday: Italian Antipasto Salad

Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu (crockpot)

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Easy Oven Chicken Fajitas (double and freeze half)

Friday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast


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Pregnancy #2: It's a... (week 24)


Hello all – it’s been a bit of a quiet month here because we went on a CRUISE!! It was our babymoon before baby #2 comes. We left Ain behind with Grandparents, so it was a nice, relaxing, connecting time with the hubby! I would not do it pregnant again though – my ankles and hands were swollen so bad they were uncomfortable and I couldn’t spend that much time walking around in the heat of Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, and Jamaica. We did have incredible views, though and I LOVED eating all the time!! And we had a room with a balcony!!


Last time I updated you on this pregnancy was when I was 20 weeks along. I haven’t been taking bump pictures at much this pregnancy. I’ve just taken pictures at 14 weeks, 17 weeks, 20 weeks, 21 weeks, and 24 weeks

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Project Declutter: Tour


Hello all!! I just wanted to write this post as kind of a wrap up for my 31 day decluttering challenge. I’m here to show you my little, lovely house as is – post challenge. I’ve loved the space we have gained and I’m going to work hard to keep it up!! So, without further ado, here’s my townhome.

Master Bedroom




And closet








Living Room







So that’s everything!!


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Pregnancy #2: Week 20

20 weeks - Edited

Hello all! So, I’m definitely not updating you all as much during this pregnancy, as I was with my first pregnancy. Haha. Last time I shared I was just 14 weeks along. I also haven’t been taking as many bump pictures. I’ve just taken pictures at 14 weeks, 17 weeks, and 20 weeks so far.


Week 20

How I feel – Pretty good, pretty normal. Last pregnancy about this time I was having pretty bad round ligament pain. This time I haven’t felt much yet. Maybe it’s still coming…just later.

Total weight gain/loss? – Last pregnancy I had gained 11 pounds by this time. This time around I’ve only gained 6 pounds (although I did start this pregnancy 10 pounds

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Project Declutter: Completed!


Well, I finished decluttering the whole house and just a few days early!! So, yesterday I posted about some of my favorite declutter/organizing blogs. I hope it inspired you.

Today, I just want to wrap up the series by listing out the projects I want to complete around my house and some organizing products I know I’ll be looking for.


Nursery – sew covers for Drona boxes, organize ribbon and after Christmas I will downsize all my wrapping stuff

Kitchen – install locks on some cabinet doors, find an under the kitchen sink organizer

Basement – scan in pictures/old documents, use Christmas stuff or get rid of them (tins, pampered chef, chargers, etc.)

Products I’ll be looking for (a good price): baskets under the kitchen sink storage ribbon organizer fridge containers bench with shoe storage (like this one from IKEA!) more food storage containers

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Project Declutter Inspiration!!


Maybe I should have started this 31 day challenge with this post, but I’m hoping that as October closes and November starts you are motivated to declutter your own home. If you are, follow this fantastic guide from Pop Sugar:


If you are wanting to download the printable, head over to Pop Sugar!!


Or, if you want to start simple, check out this 5 Daily Habits for a Clean House!! It’s so good and helps you really break down and plan when to pick up.

Houses, Organized Room by Room

Check out this house – it is beautiful and organized. Kate shows you how she simplified and organized her house, room by room. It’s my inpsiration!!


How I Organized my Entire Life – If you haven’t seen this before – check it out!!

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Project Declutter: Freezer


Day 28: Freezer

It didn’t take too long to clean out and clean up the freezer. Awhile ago, I added shelves to the freezer which helped the organization immensely!!


Then, over time it became disorganized again. I’m glad I still have the shelves though. Here was the before:


I did throw out some things that were either too old or unrecognizable. I also organized everything into categories again. The door holds popsicles, juice, and on the bottom shelf is all our frozen fruit for smoothies:


For the main part of the freezer I moved all the frozen veggies on the top shelf, leftover meals in the middle shelf, and meat on the bottom shelf. I grabbed the purple basket from another place in the house and re-purposed it to hold smaller packages of meat.

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